Five Reasons Why iTexico’s Clients Are Integral to Our Second-Straight Inc. 5000 Honor

For the second year in a row, Inc. Magazine has ranked iTexico as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies in America. While it’s an absolute honor to receive the prestigious ranking for two years straight; almost a year to the date of our first appearance on the Inc. 5000 list, we acknowledge that our company’s two primary motivators remain crystal clear; our unwavering commitment to developing cutting-edge and user-engaging applications to help our clients earn ROI from their essential mobile and web activities – and the celebration of our heritage as a leader in nearshoring and our leadership in capitalizing on the amazing growth of technological resources in Guadalajara, Mexico.

It is therefore an added, albeit humbling honor, to be recognized as one of the United States’ 5000 fastest-growing privately-held companies, a testament to our three-year growth rate of 302% and 2015 revenue of $4.8 million.

These are great numbers – but the numbers we care about the most here at iTexico are those that measure increased engagement and ROI for our customers across America. The deeper meaning behind the Inc. 5000 ranking, then, is the clear signal of growth, innovation, and the everyday, relentless demand for efficient and expedited enterprise app development.

In our first year of recognition, we saw the rapid emergence of Internet usage through Smart TVs and wearables, for instance – underscoring the critical importance for enterprises to study, strategize, and plan for the changing habits of both clients and employees as they gravitate to these new technologies. This year, in 2016, new smart devices and what IT Business Edge hails as “software-defined everything” makes digital ROI and engagement even more important to today’s business economy.

As we review together each and every day what makes iTexico uniquely qualified to produce the best in enterprise apps and lead the way during this era of continuing change in consumer data consumption, we realize that clients appreciate the following our following value points:

  1. We’re Always Agile

Each iTexico development process employs the Agile development process – the gold standard for resource management.

  1. iTexico = Business

Our developers “stack” up. To be a part of the iTexico team requires full-stack programming capabilities, giving each team member insights of the entire project at hand. And with our customizable suite of tools called the MEAN stack, iTexico is able to generate on-demand prototyping of app development projects and to ensure an even more expedited path to completion.

  1. We’re your Two-Country, Nearshoring Solution

As mentioned previously, our mastery of nearshoring reaps benefits for clients – ranging from the cultural to the collaborative. Our closely-located development resources in Guadalajara offer significant cost-savings and other advantages over those companies who enlist development firepower from half a globe away.

  1. We have the talent – and continue to stay on the cutting edge

Our highly-experienced developers have diverse backgrounds and interests, but share in common a best-in-class level of insights, and a strong track record of on-time and efficient project delivery.

  1. Our 360-degree product delivery looks as good as it works

Realizing that many app developers offer superiority in either UI or UX, iTexico focuses on the entire package — not only ensuring that your deliverable looks as good as it functions, but that it works on all platforms, and is constantly updated to keep pace with technological advances as well as changes in consumer habits.

Article Credit – Itexico

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