TiE Austin Charter Member (by invitation only)

TiE Charter Members (CMs) are successful, high profile entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and thought leaders who have reached a stage in their professional lives when they are ready, willing and able to give back to fellow members. 

TiE Austin Charter Members are dedicated to the mission of TiE Austin and the virtuous cycle of wealth creation, engagement and giving back to the community. This exclusive invite-only membership allows industry peers to participate in the merits of capitalism and have a strong desire to help other entrepreneurs in the community.

TiE Austin Charter Membership is by invitation only and subject to due process prescribed in the TiE Austin bylaws.

TiE Austin Charter Member Benefits
  • Get access to TiE Global network, the largest global organization, dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • Expand networking opportunities with serial entrepreneurs, thought leaders and influencers
  • Participate in speaking opportunities and discussion panels. Get invited to be a judging at pitch
  • Serve as mentors to budding entrepreneurs and startups
  • Provide your expert opinion to new product & concept ideas to would be entrepreneurs
  • Nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs by getting involved with TiE Austin TYE – College
  • Recruit talented members, job seekers, interns and volunteers
  • Offer leadership and management by getting involved in TiE Austin and TiE Global initiatives of
    your interest
  • Invest in the vibrant Central Texas economy and its growing entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • Offer your expertise and involvement with the city officials with its innovation program, influence
    wealth creation in your community
  • Choose to attend annual TiE Charter Member Retreat, an exclusive event in a destination to create
    closer bonds within the charter membership community
  • Get complimentary attendance access to all flagship events hosted by TiE chapters all over the
    world such as TiECon, Global Summit and more
  • Attend all TiE Austin’s exclusive events and regular events free of cost


Charter Membership is $1200 per year.

To inquire about becoming a Charter Member, email [email protected]