Karthik Bhagavatula,

Sophomore, Shadow Creek High School

A sophomore at Shadow Creek High School, Karthik Bhagavatula is a TiE Austin’s student member and an intern. Even though Karthik is still in high school, he already has successful entrepreneurial skills under his belt. He and two other students created a business known as The Three MASK-eteers, and they 3D print high quality masks to help the immunocompromised stay safe during the pandemic.

(https://threemasketeers202.wixsite.com/masks) So far the response from the community has been nothing short of admiration. The Three MASK-eteers have been featured on numerous media outlets, social media shout-outs, and were even honored by Rep. Pete Olson, R-Houston. They also won the Ronald Powell Jr. Industrial Hygienist Award for outstanding achievement & innovation in occupational health and was recognized as GB Kid Preneurs By Greater Businesses of Pearland.

Karthik joined TiE Austin to help with his college ambitions and goals of learning coding, database maintenance, and analytics. “Here at TiE,” he said, “I am learning something with every small task that I am working on. I am able to explore new technology skills, plus earn volunteering hours.” Karthik is exploring computers and coding as part of an AP course, so when he found out about the TiE Austin’s developer internship position it seemed like a natural fit.

In addition to learning website development and maintenance, Karthik is also in the Boy Scouts, TSA Robotics Club, and high school band. He has a passion for learning new things, especially anything related to math and science, and he enjoys reading books and adding new collections to his library. Out of all the extra-curricular activities Karthik has been involved in, it is the Boy Scouts that has made a lasting impression on him. “Being a boy scout I follow the scouting principles. The skills I learned from scouting play a huge role in my academic, personality and my leadership skills.”

TiE Austin looks forward to working with Karthik , help expand his skill set, as well as help him grow his first business.

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David Franklin

Founder, knowRX, Inc.

David Franklin – TiE Austin’s newest Charter Member, the founder of knowRX, and a Navy veteran – is a seasoned technologist with more than 22 years of experience as a strategist, solution & application architect with business development expertise.

David has been a part of two IPOs and delivered more than 10 applications to the market. Over the last decade, David’s focus has been on cloud computing and machine learning for health care applications. He is an alumnus of Moody Bible, Penn State, and MIT.

While the healthcare industry has made significant technological progress to improve patient experience and care management, David still saw a gap within medication administration and adherence. This gap, unfortunately, was discovered during his father’s hospital stay. Knowing that medication side-effects contributed to his father’s passing, it led David to come up with a solution called knowRX.

“I wanted to fix the problem rather than blaming someone else. I’d rather make things happen.” – David Frankiln

KnowRX is a mobile online platform that assists patients and caregivers with medication management to improve drug adherence and information by utilizing a list of features within the app. It makes it easier for patients to take the right dosage, receive counseling, and gain access to a pharmacist, as well as other guidance. Caregivers receive alerts and notifications, while medical professionals get an extra space to share drug information with the patients.

David’s direct participation in two IPOs here in Texas opened up an opportunity for him to move into consulting. The consulting business has provided him with an experience to learn firsthand about business and all its associated ebbs and flows, commitments, and sacrifices. David decided to move away from professional services and founded knowRX.

David truly believes that one cannot achieve success in entrepreneurship without the support and fellowship of others.

“We can learn from others and give back equally regardless of the stages we are currently in. We need a network to lean on. ”  TiE Austin members are able to connect with each other and across thousands of chapters globally in numerous continents. “I am looking forward to rising and growing in my journey with TiE Austin.”

As an entrepreneur, David offers some sound advice to his fellow entrepreneurs, one of which is the notion of “Forward Progress”. Entrepreneurship is challenging; there are many avenues to failure. However, it’s during this journey that one finds success in sticking with it. Forward Progress is the term he uses to remind himself to keep pushing, defining, re-defining, and progressing in order to achieve a better outcome, daily.

David is committed to continue down this path of growing KnowRX, but moreover, what excites him is helping others, seeing them evolve, and helping bring their ideas to life. He looks forward to engaging with the TiE Austin community and to sharing his experiences to help other entrepreneurs progress in their own ventures.

Just start,” David says, “Chances are the first idea may not work, but it will lead you to another idea or sharpen your skills in business. You have to be willing to go for it and start over multiple times. So start now and enjoy the journey.”

For David, it’s the joy along the way of this entrepreneurial process that trumps reaching the final destination.

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Neharika Mehta

Founder, Seashore Solutions LLC

Neharika Mehta, the CEO of Seashore Solutions LLC, is on a mission to help women advance their careers in the tech industry, and more specifically through entrepreneurship. She is passionate about her goals and the direction she has road mapped out for her agile company.

After spending 20 years working in the corporate world, Neha Mehta felt like she had not reached her professional purpose and true calling, and it was time to make a career change. Following her internal soulful pull to help women in a more direct and substantial way, Neha started her company Seashore Solutions.

Seashore specializes in custom software solutions, Enterprise Application Development, management consulting and placements providing client-centric solutions, implements changes and modernizes processes to solve every day business challenges.

“As an entrepreneur, I want to help inspire women to take the leap and follow their dreams, and I love how TiE Austin’s community helps us – women reach our goals through mentorship and camaraderie.”

In addition to being on the membership committee for TiE Austin to foster entrepreneurship in Central Texas, Neha is also a council member for the Small Business Majority, Washington DC, to empower America’s entrepreneurs. Her degrees in Management of Information Systems, Marketing and Finance, and previous employment with The World Bank, Sony Electronic, E*TRADE, Bank of NY Mellon and Dun & Bradstreet, creates a deep well of experience and knowledge for her to share with other women.

Realizing the lack of diversity in the tech industry, Neha co-founded Seashore Solutions in 2017 with a mission to empower women in the field of technology and give them a platform to succeed and inspire each other in their pursuits. She then joined TiE Austin in 2018 to take advantage of their mentorship program and massive network.

“I love the sense of belonging with TiE Austin’s Vive Les Femmes Entrepreneurs. This women’s group is a business community with people just like myself who have similar stories. We share our successes and discuss failures and uplift each other.”

In congruence to Neha’s intrinsic motivation of helping women in tech, she’s concentrating on launching her next project called Tech on Heels, as well as becoming more deeply ingrained in TiE Austin’s Vive Les Femmes Entrepreneurs. She also hoping Seashore will be able to provide solutions for Tesla when they settle down here in Austin.

“I would like all entrepreneurs to know that it’s ok to ask for favors and to reach out for help. TiE Austin’s global business community and mentorship networking programs have been there to help guide me and my company towards the next chapter, and I look forward to growing with this resourceful nonprofit.”

Neha was able to find her professional purpose and to form a company that centers around her passions. When she discusses the growth of her company and her future plans, her path becomes more defined. She is planning on developing a U.S. based team, preferably around Austin, and to increase Seashore’s productivity output. Neha has been a member of TiE Austin since 2018, and she is utilizing the organization to connect her to local organizations and mentors to help accelerate Seashore’s growth.



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