TiE Austin Associate Member

Members are rising and aspiring entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, academics, and innovators from all walks of life who are interested in innovation and join to further develop their dreams and startups all the while contributing to the growth of the community through volunteerism. Our members play a vital role in bringing new, innovative ideas and businesses to TiE Austin in addition to driving economic development through job creation.

This membership comes with the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to network with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Improve learnings and expand entrepreneurial skills
  • Access to established and emerging funding networks
  • Invitations to attend exclusive community events such as Socials, Member Gatherings and Workshops.
  • Discounted admission to marquee events such as TiECON East and other partnered events
  • Discounted access to events organized by other TiE Chapters including flagship events such as TiECON, the TiE Global Summit, etc.
    Special communication for TiE Austin Charter and General Members.
  • Joining the TiE Austin Angel network for an additional fee.
  • Membership dues of $150 annually help underwrite TiE operations. No additional
    initiation fee is required.