Upcoming Events

Due to the risk of spreading Coronavirus, TiE Austin will host all events online.

Please note that all Monthly Socials have been cancelled.

Online live Webinars will be hosted periodically. Please visit this page regularly for an updated schedule of upcoming events.

"One Pair at a Time": A Social Startup

Join TiE Austin’s very first HIGH SCHOOL EDITION. Meet young entrepreneurs over a casual and fun conversation with two high schoolers from Lake Travis High, Spoutik De, and Arthur Blake to learn more about their non-profit, The Snkr Truck.

"Compassionate Capitalism" with Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

A self-made billionaire – a first for a woman in India – Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, follows a different model which combines a social worker’s empathy with a chief executive’s mindset. She calls her approach “Compassionate Capitalism”: using proven business strategies to build a durable foundation for sustainable social development.

Charter Member Quarterly Meeting
Charter Members Appreciation Lunch